Wookey Theatre Group.

A community theatre production group from Wookey, UK.

What We Did

Type: Catalogue
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
tickets, logo design, branding

Online ticketing has revolutionised this community theatre and their site has paid for itself several times over since launch in less than a year.

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The Wookey Theatre group needed their design to exhibit their past productions, advertise their next production and give visitors the ability to buy tickets and read news about upcoming shows.

A new logo for the WTG team was created to give the company a clean and modern brand. The bright colour palette from the logo directed the style and colours of finished site.

An online booking system gives them the ability to sell pre-order tickets online in contrast to previous phone and cash tickets. It also gives them the organisational tools to allocate seating with pre-ordered sales.

This site integrates with Stripe, an excellent payment gateway – superior to Paypal in our opinion – and the ticket buying process follows the path of most online transactions these days: Choose seats, add to cart, confirm and pay.

From every page the user can access information on how to get involved with the theatre group, triggering an overlay that advises how to get in touch and also the convenience of a small mail form to contact directly.

What They Said

"Orange Dog were recommended to us by a friend to set up our community Theatre Group website. They have worked very quickly, effectively communicating with us throughout. They have totally understood what we require from the site and have made it look modern, clean and easy to navigate. "
- Wookey Theatre Group