A melodic rock’n’roll band from Glastonbury, UK.

What We Did

Type: Band
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
band, one-page

A simple, well branded one page site for Glastonbury band Truthseekers. This professional looking site gives the band another marketing tool to build awareness.

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Truthseekers were using their domain to redirect visitors to their Facebook page. This was working for a time, but they felt that a dedicated web presence was needed for prospective venues and promotors.

Coinciding with the release of their studio album “Bee”, the one-page design follows the colour scheme and feel of the album cover. It is clear and concise with the priority being the video and audio content.

The content was already available before the design was starting making the process quick and painless. Launch of the website with a social media campaign generated great initial traffic and strong shares amongst the band’s following.

What They Said

"Orange Dog worked with me to design a website for my band. I had some clear ideas about how I wanted it to look, Orange Dog had no issues interpreting them into a beautifully fluid and intuitive website design of their own. I was offered innovative ideas, detailed expert advice and guidance to improve the functionality of the website. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these services. I look forward to working with the company again in the future."
- Truthseekers