Philip Raby.

Philip Raby has a simple ethos: “Treat Customers as we wish to be treated.”

What We Did

Type: Catalogue
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
Porsche, car sales, responsive layout, Hampshire Porsche Sales

The site has provided a lift in visits, generating an increase in enquiries for cars for sale, maintenance and care questions. The modern look and feel of the site adds to the overall message of authority the website seeks to provide.

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Philip Raby specialises in Porsche’s both new and classic and has built a sizeable reputation as an authority on Porsche as a writer and as someone who can find you the car you must have. Using his many industry connections and knowledge of the inner workings of the cars Phil is able to advise on maintenance, care and is also able to source you the exact model Porsche you are after.

The original website was straining under the weight of a lot of content and some customizations that had passed a little out of date with web development, making for a slow user experience, an interface that hadn’t quite kept up with modern web design and a very slow process in adding and moving cars around the different areas of the site.

Our approach was to export all of the content from the existing site and build a sympathetic, clean design with which to house it. With so much information available on the site it was important for the user to be able to use the homepage as a way into the various areas of the site. Each section is a brief introduction to what is further available throughout the site with the main focus of the homepage being the cars that are in stock. Throughout the site it is possible to contact Philip to enquire about cars, send a general enquiry and send details of a car you have for sale or want to sell.

Cars are easily added in the backend with multiple images and attribute features and each car can be moved from on sale, reserved or to sold with the cars displaying the relevant label so the user knows the status of the vehicle they are looking at. A prolific writer, the features section of the website hosts hundreds of articles written by Phil giving the user easy access to his authority across many subjects.

Following the original go live date we have performed an update on the site which has split the site into two sections: Specialist Cars and Everyday Cars. This is to meet the needs of a changing business and to offer cars to suit the many needs of the visitors to the site. As the site is split into two halves there are two seperate menu’s so the user doesn’t get confused by being transferred between the two different sales focuses. The user has the ability to go back to the homepage to switch between the two “sites”.

What They Said

"Orange Dog did a fantastic job in creating a brand-new website for us. They listened to what we needed, added a dash of their own creativity, and successfully created a relatively complex site that is easy to manage and gives just the right impression to our customers. They’ve also been great at implementing changes when required."
- Philip Raby