Mi7 Records.

An Indie Record Label from London, UK.

What We Did

Type: Brochure
Layout: Responsive
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An indpendent record label with a small but strong roster of artists. This website uses their excellent branding and presents a thoroughly professional initial impression.

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Mi7 Records is an independent record label based in London that represents artists such as Trampoline, James Baxter and The Dead Freights. The team boasts years of music industry experience across management, composing and performing as well as A&R and production. The acts on their roster represent the cutting edge of independent music in the UK today.

The purpose of the website was to provide a strong online presence for the label where PR companies, distributors and industry professionals could see their roster, learn about the team and link into the social media presence. The company has striking branding and the focus was to make sure the look of the site made use of the excellent graphics. Music content was of an excellent standard and the site shows the quality of the work the label is doing without getting in the way of the user experience with too much animation or choices.

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