Jackie Henderson Art.

Original watercolour art from the Somerset Levels

What We Did

Type: Ecommerce
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
Responsive, eCommerce, Somerset Artist, Original Paintings

This website covered its costs within one month of launching and has generated interest in the work and the courses. A terrific success for the artist.

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Jackie Henderson is an artist based in Glastonbury, Somerset in the UK. She produces watercolour paintings which she sells as originals, prints and card sets.

Jackie didn’t have a web presence prior to speaking to us but did have a strong idea of what she wanted to achieve with the site. The homepage needed to show the range of items able to be bought on the site as well as provide a simple navigation between the different product categories. All of the products were photographed professionally and Jackie wrote the product descriptions. Due to the target market the process from viewing to [purchasing needed to be smooth and intuitive with no obstacles.

With such distinctive art it was not a difficult decision to make it the focus throughout the site and each area/category seeks to display the artwork as an emphasis so that the entire site is visually coherent. Language translations are in place across the site to keep the terminology UK English rather than American.

The launch of the site was in conjuntion with some media coverage which drove significant numbers to the website. These visits translated into sales and many enquiries about courses, original paintings and exhibition opportunities.

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