Funke and the Two Tone Baby.

a one man electro blues explosion.

What We Did

Type: Brochure
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
band, merchandise, music

Future development may be to begin working in elements of eCommerce for merchandise and music.

For now the site is easily maintained and gets a nice number of daily visits.

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The update to Funke and the Two Tone Bay’s website came in occurrence to the release of his studio album “Denizen”. He wanted his site to be responsive and easy to use with the music being the main focus.

Rather than go eCommerce and process sales on the site he was happy to continue using Bandcamp for sales due to the following he had developed using that site. The website would be used to inform and then point the way to purchasing music on the major streaming sites as well as bandcamp for physical copies and merchandise.

A simple and clear menu that is fully responsive – and frankly wonderful on mobile – guides the user through the site. News/blog wasn’t required as the daily communication with fans takes place on Facebook and other social media channels.

From the front page the user can play tracks from albums, view the upcoming live shows, check out some merch and sign up to the mailing list.

Go and buy the latest album!

What They Said

- Funke and the Two Tone Baby