Cassidy Guitars.

The business of Simon Cassidy, a guitar builder and teacher based in Durham, UK.

What We Did

Type: Ecommerce
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
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A large eCommerce site supports this UK based guitar builder in gaining a foothold in the retail musical instrument market.

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The old Cassidy Guitars website wasn’t really supporting the growth of the company. It was essentially a template driven eCommerce service that only really served as an online shop and didn’t allow for a softer user journey through the instruments.

Simon was looking for a website that highlighted his independent company through the quality of its instruments and also allowed him to update himself as well as contribute via a blog. Ultimately as a direct to consumer business the site needed to be transactional and allow for sales of the instruments.

The homepage was also designed to be a departure point for all areas of the site and off site to the social channels. Featured artists, accessories, cases and a call to action for the custom built series feature throughout the homepage. The product pages were designed to be clear and informative and the checkout process smooth and easy.

All of the information pages are clear and accessible from either the main navigation or the footer navigation across the entire site.

We created a training document for Simon where we update different techniques for updating and growing his site further.

What They Said

"Orange Dog have done a fantastic job – totally professional, very creative and gently challenging my prior preconceptions throughout the process, resulting in a major step forward for Cassidy Guitars. "
- Cassidy Guitars