Bin Skankerz.

An upcycled, recycled and repurposed audio hire company from Glastonbury, UK.

What We Did

Type: Brochure
Layout: Responsive
Budget: £££££
Hire, One-Page, Image & Video

The Bin Skankerz Team have had many new bookings through their new site and are looking to expand with e-commerce in the future.

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The Bin Skankerz team were after a simple one-page layout for their design. As the product was easy to understand, the focus would be on photos and videos, showing what the company does rather than telling.

A large hero section with their logo overlaying a promo video conveys their brand identity without any need for text. Not wanting to overload the customer with information, the paragraphs are kept short broken up with bold headings.

The site was launched with a couple of tweaks from the first draft alongside a social media campaign which helped drive potential customers to their new online presence.

What They Said

"How all projects should be. Easy, clear communication and a beautiful website. Fully recommended. "
- Bin Skankerz